3 Warrior Team Force

3 Warrior Team Force

About game «3 Warrior Team Force»

3 Warrior Team Force is a free online game. Let us introduce our ideal squad, which in the magnificent game name game will rescue the kingdom from assault. There are three types of knights: knights, archers, and magicians. Many enemies, including terrible creatures, goblins, and others, seek to control even a little portion of the kingdom's land. Defend the land and don't give up. Your first duty is to control the knight while the other characters operate independently. If your first hero dies, though, you will assist the archer, followed by the magician. Take your time and build up your army's ammo, for each wave of attack grows stronger, and your men may become too weak to withstand the invasion. This game is playable on a variety of gadgets and devices. So start playing and have much fun!

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