Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena

About game «Hungry Shark Arena»

The underwater world is currently experiencing a violent struggle for dominance. To determine which of them is deserving of the title of King of the Sea Depths, to which absolutely all sea creatures will unquestionably submit, bloodthirsty predatory sharks entered the contest. Assist one of the predators in winning the conflict. There are various shark kinds accessible in the game, and you can select anyone to control. However, there is only one predator available for free when the game first starts. Make a decision that will benefit her in order to gain gold coins and gain access to new shark species. Your aim is to use your mouse to consume the smaller fish species and avoid the larger ones.

To win gold coins and get access to new shark species, decide in its favor. Your goal is to consume smaller fish while avoiding larger fish by using your mouse. In particular, if you don't have an idea what to do with your spare time, this game is a lot of fun. Therefore, begin going right away and you won't regret it! Start playing now and have fun with the game!