Elemental - Adventure Time

Elemental - Adventure Time

About game «Elemental - Adventure Time»

A group of brave men set out to defend a country from a fairy tale that is in peril. They have great faith in their talents, but having a brave partner by their side won't hinder them in any way. Hurry to assist the daredevils in fending off the bad guys and rescuing the populace of the kingdom's domains.

You will have the option to decide which lands you will initially save at the start of the game. After making a decision, embark on an amazing journey. You'll need to guide the characters out of the ice maze before an avalanche engulfs them if you select the Kingdom of Ice. Use the arrow keys to navigate the labyrinth's passages, and remember to collect diamonds along the way. As soon as veggies surface in the Kingdom of Vegetables, you must use the mouse to remove them from ground holes. Hit the vegetable with a hammer if it has gone bad. In the Kingdom of Fire, you must stop fiery balls from hitting the character. To finish the game, you have three chances. You will have to escape the green substance that will hunt you to swallow in the Realm of Slime.