Special Forces Sniper

Special Forces Sniper

About game «Special Forces Sniper»

Try the challenging work of a sniper in a metropolis. You will have an exciting hunt for opponents from a huge skyscraper. Look carefully at high-rise buildings, roofs and parking lots looking for enemy soldiers. Aim with your super powerful sniper rifle and fire deadly shots. The further away from you the target is, the more points you will earn for destroying it. Eliminate all opponents and go to the next level. Be careful, because enemies can be hiding in secret places. This game is not like all other sniper games, because it differs with its beautiful 2D graphics, which is still amazing and high-quality. Every shot is visible to the smallest details and the weapons are so realistic! Maybe this is an advanced level of sniper games, but it has not been recognized yet by the gamers' community. Be one of the first players to try this game out!

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