Angry Birds

Angry Birds

About game «Angry Birds»

No one in your home will be exempt from enjoying playing the Angry Birds games because they are so entertaining and filled with uplifting themes. Because of their global appeal, these games will be enjoyed by everyone. Leisure can be lively and interesting, and your browser can simulate a never-ending conflict between pigs and birds.

In this game dubbed Angry Birds, the ongoing conflict between birds and green pigs continues since these two species cannot get along. The birds and mischief are continually striving to oust the pigs from their domain, and the birds wish to send the pigs to hell at the same time. The buildings where the pigs are hiding must be destroyed before you can drive them away. A slingshot is used to conquer obstacles, from which birds fly out and collide with them. The feathered viper must fly in a specified direction, and the player must pull the rubber band on the slingshot in order to demolish the building where the green foes are hiding. Have fun!