Horse Rider

Horse Rider

About game «Horse Rider»

The Horse Riding Simulator offers a trip to one of the Canadian provinces, but this is not the most important thing, and even the knowledge that this trip will only last a short while is not as exciting as realizing that the ultimate destination is the Wild West, the era of cowboys and bandits, the era in which mastery of a horse and a revolver determined one's lifespan. Only with the aid of a secret time machine is traveling feasible, but during its incorporation, a failure happened, and your hero was taken back in time alongside zombies and other mutants. Cowboys could deal with the creatures, but they don't know enough about them, therefore you'll have to take on the mutants.

You must enter the end destination, or the location from which deadly monsters first came, in order to begin the game. Prepare your horse now, as a true cowboy must ride, which is not only practical but also less risky. When the combat begins, be ready for the monsters to try to kill you, but with a variety of weapons, including chilly ones, you may fend them off and finish the task.