ATV Stunts 2

ATV Stunts 2

About game «ATV Stunts 2»

On ATVs, you will be able to perform a variety of feats using jumps that alter both height and shape without endangering your health. Drive through areas where you can go at extraordinary speeds and perform the craziest stunts. You can choose between sporting events, excursions through the forest or mountains, or commercial racing up city stairs and on roofs when playing games with ATVs.

You are allowed to operate a variety of ATV types, allowing you to perform the most difficult and risky stunts. Find different leaps in the surroundings, then choose one to utilize as an object in a trick. Traffic encounters a location that promotes the development of high speed, which manifests as arrows pointing in the desired direction. As soon as you arrive at the predetermined location, take off forward while quickly hopping onto the springboard and doing an airborne pirouette. As an expert in high-speed driving, you must try to pass opponents while avoiding collisions with objects.