Mexico Rex

Mexico Rex

About game «Mexico Rex»

After a few of destructions in various towns and regions, a dinosaur called Rex set for Mexico. In this country, he does not anticipate a friendly conversation with local inhabitants, thus he is extremely serious. The big Tyrannosaurus Rex has seen a lot in his life. While being in Mexico, he will once again have to meet the angry soldier who will attempt to prevent him from moving forward. You will become the one to guide this mighty creature! Your mission is to walk through Mexico and eliminate everything that comes on your path. The application has a lot of rounds and every of them has its own challenges. To complete the round, you have to gobble up all the inhabitants, and it will not be hard at all. In addition to just bites, Rex has a nice machine gun. Having collected and swallowed a pack of cartridges, the creature can shoot from his new weapon.

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