Raft Royale

Raft Royale

About game «Raft Royale»

In the brand-new survival game Raft Royale, construct your fleet and attempt to destroy the rafts of other players. Become the most powerful player in the ocean of Raft Royale. Enjoy it and tell your friends about it!

Be on the lookout for numerous sea monsters, including octopuses. Rafts that are smaller than yours can be destroyed. Of course, the victor is the stronger player. You must assemble a group of goons if you want to triumph in the Raft Royale and turn into an unstoppable pirate. Take bits of rafts and travel by sea to accomplish this. Each piece will turn into a warrior, an archer, or a scorer for your raft. The team reacts automatically when it collides with an enemy, but how well the raft is controlled during combat is crucial. The Kraken is a natural foe that cannot be vanquished in Raft Royale in addition to the adversaries. He instantly destroys a raft of any kind by dispersing his tentacles throughout the entire ocean. Swim to an area with a lot of tentacles if a stronger opponent is pursuing you; this will make it tough for them to move. Have fun!