Kogama Granny Parkour

Kogama Granny Parkour

About game «Kogama Granny Parkour»

You need independently assess your tension and reactions while playing the new game in order to understand what we're talking about because the game's name, game name, does not seem to capture its essence. Yes, if you complete one of the tasks, you might have to perform parkour or even run into a strange person named Granny. However, if you grow weary of constantly running and jumping to avoid running into the unfortunate grandmother, join the other players in a genuine three-dimensional shootout to put your nerves to the test once more. But that's not all; in addition to these two game modes, you'll also find a variety of mini-games, most of which center around firearms.

Do you need me to teach you how to play the game? Even though you may be a novice in the vast world of Kogama, everything is so fundamentally simple that it all becomes clear to you within the first few minutes even if you don't speak the language. We'll remind you that attention and caution are the most crucial components of a fantastic game, but ultimately, it all depends on your behavior strategy.