Angry Fish

Angry Fish

About game «Angry Fish»

Since the gameplay of Angry Fish is similar to that of Angry Birds, it will undoubtedly appeal to you whether you like that game or just had fun playing it. Once you're in the undersea realm, you'll need to play not just one fish, but a number of them, the number of which decides how many times you have to play the level. If you complete all the tasks, you can brag to your friends about your aptitude for resolving various problems.

Because the objective of the game is to utilize the fish to reach the chickens, who put on a diving masks and dove to the bottom of the sea, you'll need to use your brains. A predetermined amount of fish are given at the start of each level, and they will occasionally fall below their initial location into special equipment. When a fish enters a specific area, place the cursor over it while holding down LMB. Then, without letting go of the key, pull the harness where it is situated so that you can reach the underwater chickens while also attempting to collect as many stars as you can.