Cutie Unicorn Care

Cutie Unicorn Care

About game «Cutie Unicorn Care»

There is no child who does not dream of a puppy, kitten, hamster, aquarium or bird. But harmful parents do not want to acquire such useful animals in the house, and they have to play games online. In this game, we suggest taking care of a unicorn. But he needs urgent help. Our small unicorn turned lethargic, inactive, his eyes are red, his ears wilted, his voice lowered. We urgently have to drive him to the hospital for a thorough examination. We have brought the important medical tools to measure pressure, temperature, and listen to the heart rate. Then the next in line are drops, ointments and pills to return the baby to its normal state. When he has an appetite, feed the pet, bathe and play. After the performed exercises in Cutie Unicorn Care, your favorite unicorn will become happy and friendly again.

Watch how to play: