Cs Clone

Cs Clone

About game «Cs Clone»

Many years have passed since the two world wars and, it would seem, people should have learned to live in peace and value their own and other people's lives. But, unfortunately, this did not happen, and if before people fought with stones, swords, firearms and nuclear weapons in the last world war, now they send artificially created soldiers, that is, clones, to the war. The DNA of the best soldiers is used for cloning, and special protective overalls have been created for the warriors of the future, through which it is almost impossible to inflict damage. These units are controlled, that is, Cs Clone is the best strategists and tactics, and now you need to join one of these strategists and try to complete a number of tasks. It can be a mission to liberate its territory from enemy forces, or, on the contrary, the seizure of new lands from the enemy, or maybe just a reconnaissance mission.

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