Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10

Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10

About game «Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10»

The animated series about Ben 10 and his friends is as colorful and lively as the video game Stinkfly Showtime - Ben 10. You must use the mouse to shoot a horrible blue creature from the gray cannon during the game's 40 stages and gather green money packs in the air. For instance, you must amass at least $1,000 on the first level. The number of attempts left and the total amount of money gathered in this chamber are written in the upper left corner.

It is obvious that when you accumulate more dollar packs, your wealth increases. You are the blue dot on the map that hangs at the top of the screen showing the locations of the packs in the air. Consequently, the flight can be planned! A happy man in a red vest is in charge of the enormous cannon that the blue creature is sitting in. You must hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse toward the pistol to control the flight's direction and intensity. The "blue projectile" will fly along a green dotted line that is drawn in front of the cannon if you move the mouse behind it.

Watch how to play: