Princesses BFF Rush to School

Princesses BFF Rush to School

About game «Princesses BFF Rush to School»

Every student is aware that it is best to pack their bags at night. Sometimes, though, it is simply too unpleasant to do so, resulting in everything being put off until the next day. And the most important catch is waiting here! In the morning, you want to sleep in and squander time. Then, in the waning moments, we hastily prepare for school. In the game Princesses BFF Rush to School, we will help the Disney princesses get ready quickly so that they don't arrive late for class. Girls frequently forget to pack their items in the evening since they have a tremendous urge to sleep. Even if they frequently face the risk of being late, you will be their best ally this time.

You must start a real school experience with Anna, Jasmine, Moana, Elsa, and Tiana. Help each princess collect her things so she can put them in a bag and leave for school. Examine everything that is shown on the bottom panel of the game before you start looking. Try to do the assignment within the allotted time. If you suddenly can't find anything, you may always use a free hint. Enjoy the game and good luck with it!