Killer City

Killer City

About game «Killer City»

Once the stickman woke up and realized that everything had changed around. Outwardly, everything remained the same, but the very essence of the city became different, tougher, and even deadly dangerous. To fully understand the situation, take the hero to the streets in Killer City and you will immediately understand everything. It became extremely dangerous to walk, if the hero was not hit by transport, a real killer would lie in wait in the gateway or around the corner.

The stickman was supposed to be able to locate his employers in a tiny town. Out of habit, our hero decided against bringing a weapon because he was skilled with his fists and could manage the situation without one. Obviously, this may result in the murder of the stickman, as there were only armed assassins present in this city and they were all waiting for the stickman. Green packs are lying right on the pavement or in houses. Stock up with a bat to fight off the attack and take care of yourself when crossing the road.