London Taxi Driver

London Taxi Driver

About game «London Taxi Driver»

When you are in a hurry to the airport, late for work or any other place, it is best to call a taxi. It does not stop at every stop and does not pick up fellow travelers, but takes you to the specified address, trying to choose the best route. A young guy Tom moved to live in the capital of England London and got a job in the city taxi service. In London Taxi Driver, you will help him do his job. Your character gets behind the wheel of a car and leaves the garage to the city streets. Now, guided by a special map, your character will have to drive along a certain route at speed and arrive at the point where customers will be waiting for him. After putting them in the car, your hero will have to deliver them to the final point of their journey and get paid for this. You can play this game from all devices.

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