About game «Poopfight.iO»

Poopfight.iO is a crazy multiplayer online game. All the action takes place in a public toilet, and you will take up the role of boys, who decided to have some fun an organize a fight with improvised resources. This game is a real stress relief. Click with your mouse and your character will jump, throwing a poop in the pointed direction. Below every character there will be visible a number of lives left for him. Try to dodge other players' shots and do not let anyone beat you. The funniest moment comes when the teacher appears, who is shocked from all the events that go on. You can also throw poops at them. To prevent other poops from hitting you, you can throw your poop at them and they will just eliminate each other. Also when you see the shot flying at you, you can just defend yourself and run away from it.

Watch how to play: