8 Mania

About game « Mania»

The winner of the new multiplayer game, Mania, will only be the boldest and most courageous person who chooses to take control of every available square. Are you prepared to win everything around you in addition to only a portion of the free field? If so, get ready for a contentious argument since everything happens on paper!

Even though it appears that we already know that the topic of our case study is the seizure of land, let's first describe the tasks. The only method to do this is to paint a circle around the vacant space, and you get to pick the color. What should be done with those parts of the map that have already been colored and belong to other players is the question that emerges. The obvious solution is to capture in the same manner as empty spaces. Let's talk about the risks that may be present during the conflict. Never cut yourself, do not allow the opponent to cut you when you are capturing new areas, and be cautious around map borders; it is best not to collide with them.