Killer Assassin

Killer Assassin

About game «Killer Assassin»

Extremely vicious from the beginning, terrorists have never hesitated to kill hostages when necessary. This time there were deaths, therefore they took many prisoners and destroyed the rest while capturing one of the civilian objects. They've already committed suicide, and they won't stop now, especially if the best assassin takes over. Bring him where he's going, kill the terrorists, and free the rest of the hostages.

The size of the region where the terrorists are hiding out is both a benefit and a drawback. A drawback since it is unclear where all of the terrorists and hostages are is a plus because it will probably be simpler to apprehend one or two terrorists if they are dispersed throughout several rooms and workplaces. To avoid attracting attention, you'll have to carry only melee weapons on your mission. This could be challenging at times, but by waiting for each terrorist in a shelter, you'll be able to deal with everyone. If you need to act quickly and loudly, avoid being hit by machine gun fire and attack from behind, overtaking the terrorist.