Captain America: Shield Strike

Captain America: Shield Strike

About game «Captain America: Shield Strike»

The legendary hero rushes to the rescue again! In the application Captain America: Shield Strike, you will gain superpowers and become the owner of the legendary vibranium shield. The superhero will attend the secret base of the opponent, where weapons of mass destruction are being developed. To prevent a global catastrophe, you need to destroy all development data. Only the heroes of the Avengers team can do this. The application has two regimes - story and endless mode. There are ten levels in story mode. You will fight dangerous soldiers with your shield. Initially, the shield can only hit two targets at a time. As you progress through the game, you can pump it, and then the enemies will not be good. To replenish the health lost in battle, look for first aid kits. Then you can continue the fight and destroy more opponents.

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