Skate Hooligans

Skate Hooligans

About game «Skate Hooligans»

In the enjoyable adventure game Skate Hooligans, which features 3D visuals, you take control of a child who is constantly moving. He recently damaged someone's window, but sadly, he was caught red-handed by a law enforcement officer and is currently being sought after. It's fortunate that he had his skateboard with him because it will let him conceal from the pursuer. You can ride a rocket, a watermelon, or a blazing deck in the game, and characters like Max, Kitty, and Katsuro pull off incredible acrobatics. Purchase upgrades and attempt to surpass your previous score each time.

The policeman is now pursuing this little bully everywhere in an effort to apprehend and punish him after he hit the window while playing with his ball. The child is attempting to flee by utilizing his skateboard and navigating through congested, narrow streets with heavy traffic and several obstacles. The game won't end the way you want it to if you don't rapidly get through the barriers that appear. Try to outrun the police while avoiding hazards as you navigate congested streets.

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