Where does the term .IO come from?

The term “.IO game” appeared in 2015, when the very first of these games went online using the io domain, (.IO is a national top-level domain belonging to the British Indian Ocean Territory). So-called games with simplified graphics. They became popular after the success of agar.io. Other game developers of this type also began to use ".IO" in the names of their applications. The first game was created by Matheus Valadares and has attracted many players since its establishment in 2015. After the success of 2015, many game programmers also decided to use io domains with their own creations, thereby creating a completely new genre of online games! Contributed to this success and the most famous Internet celebrity PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg), who fell in love with such games. He has shared numerous videos of his IO.games streams with his 100 million YouTube subscribers, with some videos having more than 8 million views. This has become a powerful start for IO games. As early as 2016, “.IO games” became the number one search term in the United States, and more and more online games began to register .IO domains. The popularity of .IO games is not weakening, primarily due to their availability. They are free and available through any web browser. .IO games, which require only a basic Internet connection, run on almost any old or new device. In the end, we can say that these are ordinary multiplayer action games in which players can quickly learn how to play.

What does apply to .IO games?

This is where everyone has the same goal — to survive, and the ways to achieve it are different. In IO games, you can't become an everlasting winner. If you eat someone, then there will be someone who will eat you. You can play in clans or alone. To achieve the goal, you will have to Dodge, make misleading movements, constantly change tactics and cheat. Along with real enemies, there are obstacles in such games. At the same time, no one prevents even their presence to turn to their advantage. Here you can lure the enemy into a trap and eat it in parts, or, crumble into small parts in order to demolish all the obstacles in your path and solidly add weight. To survive among the worms, you can't crash into anyone. Otherwise, you can just become a treat for your own kind. The situation is different for bacteria. In arcades of this type, you need to breed and multiply, devouring those who are smaller and weaker. In all IO arcades, you need to be someone. An airplane or a tank, a primitive virus, a worm, or an ordinary geometric figure — these are just a few of the representations. Incredibly, the opponent can be thousands of kilometers away, anywhere in the world. The main thing for all IO games is that the Internet works reliably, and the connection is not interrupted. Now look at our .IO games