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What do you think you could accomplish in the waters of the coldest ocean? True, nothing, but the resident penguins find enjoyment in the shape of huge chunks of ice that they ride on. However, because there are many enemies nearby, including polar bears, sharks, and killer whales, this delight can put their lives at risk. In the game, every falling penguin from an ice floe is a possible meal for the predators mentioned above, but we'll do everything in our power to avoid it!

We hope that your hero is one of the tough people who survive in this harsh world, but he needs some help. The penguins gather on the ice floe and notice that small chunks are starting to break away; soon there won't be enough room for everyone, and even then, just one penguin will fit on it. You will need to shove the penguins into the water with a variety of sweeps and pushes because they won't jump in on their own. Unless you miss and fall off yourself, you will toss your opponent into the ocean if you are up against a gaping opponent.