Mad Truck Challenge Special

Mad Truck Challenge Special

About game «Mad Truck Challenge Special»

There aren't enough words to fully express what is in store for you, but the game's creators did their best to encompass everything in the name of the title, Mad Truck Challenge Special. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to add a few further words of explanation. Huge monster trucks are therefore waiting for you, as well as a monster, and if you utilize tuning, it will be quite challenging to distinguish the four-wheeled monster from the once-racing jeep. Additionally, music is played during the race, which not only doesn't interfere but also makes the car go even faster, eliminating any competitors who appear in front or even behind.

If you suddenly roll over and fall, don't worry, you can just roll back onto four wheels and continue traveling since your automobile is essentially impervious to damage and can only be stopped by an enemy missile. You're not the only car in the race; there are several others, and they'll all strive to pass you, using whatever means necessary. Additionally, we advise you to fire at any opposition without hesitation.