Nail Doctor

Nail Doctor

About game «Nail Doctor»

You need to keep yourself busy with something useful, but don't know what? Then why not try yourself as a real doctor-surgeon? This is a very good profession not only for you, but also for those whom you will heal. You just need to deal with the whole problem of injured toenails of every person with all serious responsibility. It will be very interesting, because you can find out what nail diseases can be. Along with this, you, a former doctor, will enjoy your work, as you will treat your patients. You will have many patients who will be very happy with your help. Well, are you ready to start your nail doctor work? Then let's get started! To do this, you will have all the necessary medical instruments and everything you need for work over the toenails. And so, choose any leg with a nail problem and do whatever is necessary to heal.

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