Crossy Chicken

Crossy Chicken

About game «Crossy Chicken»

This entertaining game will show you the need of being cautious at all times. The arcade's main character will either become a pancake in this situation or drown in a neighboring lake if one erroneous move is made. You must jump and cross the road with obstacles while continually keeping an eye on what's occurring on the sides to stop this from happening.

You will search across the road for a safe crossing due to the constant movement of cars, but keep in mind that the chicken jumps quite awkwardly. Because of this, even when you are certain of your decision, you could still be struck by wheels. Save yourself on the logs because the bird cannot swim in the water. They swim rapidly, so you'll have to move quickly. Don't forget to gather gold coins; doing so will get you access to new heroes. This game falls under the Casual, Funny, Arcade category. You can play Crossy Chicken and navigate a road filled with obstacles using the browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The game has already been played and enjoyed by many gamers.