Basket Random

Basket Random

About game «Basket Random»

Did you know that basketball is a lot of fun to play? If in doubt, then you need to play this game. Compete with your friend or against the computer to spend your free time with the maximum positivity. Despite the complex and incomprehensible controls, virtual basketball will quickly become your favorite entertainment! Your task is to get 5 points for throwing balls into the basket. A successful roll will bring you 2 points, and all others only 1. There are 4 players on the playing field - 2 for each team. Try to intercept the ball by all possible means and at the same time make sure to catch the ball at the right moment, which may be in your basket in a second. The locations on the playing field will change every time someone throws the ball into the basket. If the ball is out of the field, then the location will change again. This brings a certain variety to the gameplay.

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