Walt Disney has built a strong empire that the whole world knows about, and every child has watched their cartoons at least once in their life. Disney Games is exactly the section where games with the participation of the best and most popular characters of your favorite Disney cartoons are collected. Among them, there is the well-known Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Tom and Jerry, all Disney princesses and others. There are games of different types for boys and girls of all ages. For example, there are puzzles where you need to assemble a single picture from many pieces. Or help the princesses win puzzle games on their opponents. Girls are also invited to play dress-up and come up with the best images for Disney princesses. And boys are invited to play runners, shooters or races with Disney characters such as Aladdin or Mowgli.

Why Disney Games are good for children?

Disney cartoons have always been known for not only entertaining children but also teaching them good human qualities. And our games are no exception. In them, you can go on an unforgettable journey with cartoon characters, discover new curiosities, save the heroes from trouble, choose the best outfit for the characters, take part in the battle to save the princesses, learn to fly with Peter Pan, celebrate New Year with Winnie the Pooh and his company. After playing in the palace, let's look at other characters with whom playing Disney games will be even more interesting. Remember the harmful black duck, Duffy? And how does she constantly torture poor Elmer? The energy of this couple is envied by anyone, and the fact that they are not shy in the means, says about their long-standing confrontation. The Disney Princesses are eager to tell you about the wonders of their realm. In addition to meeting pretty princesses, you may also meet adorable animals and play entertaining games with them. So, darling girls, welcome to the wonderful kingdom of Disney Princesses, who are eagerly anticipating your arrival!