The "Puzzle games" section is a real find for every fan of intellectual entertainment.

Where did the puzzle games come from?

The ancestors of logic games on the PC are checkers, chess, go, and Mahjong. This list can be continued indefinitely, each country has its own preferences. Some puzzles have been known since ancient times. This desire to think and "test the strength" of your brain is simply amazing. It turns out that people have been playing logic games since ancient times. Now it is not known where and when the first logic game appeared on the Internet, but it, of course, appeared one of the first – catching the most important desire of the player – getting pleasure from the completed task.

Is it really useful to play puzzle games?

Solving logical puzzles in the game, the player develops thinking and develops the correct method (approach) to solving the problem. For children-it allows you to develop intellectual abilities, starting with elementary, tasks become more difficult, and their solution bring more and more pleasure. They are introduced to colors, geometric shapes, shapes, sizes, numbers and letters. Boys and girls learn to make their own decisions, which will undoubtedly be useful both in school disciplines and in real life. Puzzle games are also necessary for older people: you need to develop and train your brain constantly. in today's fast-changing world, well-developed logical thinking allows you to quickly solve tasks. A well-trained strategy, and in some cases, intuition and luck will help you achieve real goals.

Let's not forget that this is also a good way to get rid of boredom and pass the time. And, most importantly, let's remember Leonardo da Vinci. throughout his life, he constantly thought logically, solved the tasks set for him. All this contributed to his symmetrical development, namely, he became a famous inventor, artist, architect, writer, and musician. In a word – "universal man".

What can you find on our site from puzzle games?

Our site presents hundreds of different interesting games. Get comfortable, arm yourself with logic and the power of thought, and you will be able to solve any task set before you. Keep your mind in shape.

There are various subsections of logic games for you:
- snakes
- chess, checkers
- puzzles (colorful, famous and fantastic pictures, multi-component, with and without turns)
- card games (various games, solitaire, with friends, with PC)
- Mahjong (the most popular Board puzzle game in the world, which appeared in China many centuries ago. It is said that it was invented by a famous philosopher in the fifth century BC.)
- quests
- spot the difference
- Tetris
- zoom (destroy all the various balls on the field before they roll somewhere
- and much more…