About game «Tetris»

If you are in the mood for a classic game, you should see if you still know how to stack blocks in Tetris. One of the earliest portable console-based video games to be released in our nation had zigzag figurines that had to be set out in a straight, even line. The national pastime of playing Tetris has remained constant throughout the years; we still enjoy launching this simple toy, competing for speed and responsiveness, and joyously racking up bonus points to outrank less fortunate opponents in the rankings.

Turning on some music will help you unwind while reading this text. Figures drop from above; position them on the bottom surface such that they unite to form a single line; they then vanish from the field and you are awarded points. The total number of built lines is displayed in the top center. Information regarding the current score, upcoming figurine, and level number are displayed in the right-side panel. The quantity of dropped components of a given type is shown on the left. And last but not least, dear friends. Remember, that you can play this awesome Friv 2 game installment on all types of gadgets and devices right now.