Subway Runner

Subway Runner

About game «Subway Runner»

The gane_name game has a reputation for being one of the most thrilling and exciting time killers, which we cannot fully comprehend or even adequately explain. Nevertheless, the game is still played today and is still very popular; you can frequently run into fans of the boy running on rails. Perhaps the virtual teen's obsession with painting with paint from cylinders on walls and wagons is to blame, or perhaps it's because you're in a protected area. It doesn't matter; everything has already happened, therefore you must flee, and the faster you can, the better.

Let's start with the challenge since it's not simply that the young man is being pursued by a chubby police officer and a little dog as he runs along the rails and jumps over numerous barriers. Well, more on it later; for the moment, focus on planning your escape because you never know how the adventure will turn out. If we were you, we'd keep an eye out for gold coins while jogging since they may be used to purchase skateboards or rollerblades, which are quite helpful for runners.