Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10

About game «Omnitrix Glitch - Ben 10»

Ben has been using the Omnitrix for a long time, successfully transforming into various creatures from other planets. This helped him fight the emerging threats from space, aliens who wanted to enslave earthlings. But recently, the clock began to malfunction, the device is based on DNA mixing and now its work is disrupted. This is probably some unknown virus. Until the hero fixes it, a lot of time will pass, and the enemy is already on the doorstep, you need to fight. You will have to switch to manual mode and you will help the hero in the game Ben 10 Omnitrix Glitch. To do this, after mixing the molecules, correct the result, and then go to smash the enemy. On our site you can find many more similar games. Enjoy and play the game from various types of gadgets and devices for completely free.

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