Defend the Sewers - Craig of the Creek

Defend the Sewers - Craig of the Creek

About game «Defend the Sewers - Craig of the Creek»

Do you still possess the ability to shoot Zuma balls? Play Defend the Sewers - Craig of the Creek right away for free without having to register online! This entertaining puzzle game is modeled after the iconic Zuma, in which balls of the same color vanish when more than three of them line up. It's crucial to complete every level by removing bubbles to fill up the experience meter so that the incredible Cartoon Network adventures can resume.

A gang of men must remove the colorful balls from the sewer in their fantasy world to prevent it from backing up. By firing the same-colored balls from a cannon and grouping three or more of the same balls together, you can prevent the balls from reaching the end of their path. Depending on which color ball is more crucial to throw in this scenario, you have two balls in the cannon, one at the exit and the other in turn, and you can switch them. Shoot the snake, and collect three or more similar balls nearby. Play this game on all the different gadgets and devices.

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