Among Us - Impostor.iO

Among Us - Impostor.iO

About game «Among Us - Impostor.iO»

Among Us - Impostor.iO is a cool multiplayer game, in which you will participate in space wars and deal with players from all over the world. It will be not just cool, but also unforgettable experience. Unlike the original Among Us game, there will be no tasks and different roles for crew members. In this game everyone will participate in the battle. Your main goal is to collect as much gold as possible and save your life by all means. Before starting the game, select the color for your character's spacesuit and do not forget to pick a fancy hat for him. As for weapon, everyone will get only a wooden stick. But when you gather enough resources, you can exchange them for more advanced weapons. Come up with a nickname and then you will be ready to start a game! Go to the battlefield and demonstrate your excellent skills!

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