Police Cars

Police Cars

About game «Police Cars»

Today is your chance to fulfill a lifelong ambition of becoming a police officer and zipping through the city streets in a stylish police vehicle. Get Police Cars and experience what it's like to be a true defender of law and order, from which no criminal can escape.

You'll get a one-of-a-kind chance to compete in driving and speed with the worst offenders of the law in this thrilling racing game. To escape being held accountable and to try to hide from you, they will race at the speed of light. But since it is your responsibility to maintain the city's peace and order, you shouldn't ignore the bandits. To prevent the bad guys from having time to breach the law again, you must definitely catch up with them and stop them. Pay close attention to the messages that the police radio will broadcast. This will enable you to determine the precise location of the crime. Go there right away to put an end to the lawbreakers and punish them as severely as possible. Don't allow them to escape. Put the pedal to the metal and pursue the bad guys.