Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

About game «Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure»

The main goal of this new monster car adventure is to reach the finish line. Do you want to move in a typical manner for wheeled vehicles, do you want to tumble and roll over, and if you can, then jump? Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure, indeed: How can you survive in a location like this without chaos, adventure, malfunctions, and the death of numerous mechanisms?

You can study the frozen country's map before visiting there to identify all control points and levels, the most dangerous areas, and areas where you can make repairs and unwind. Although you can theoretically skip this part, you still need to visit each level and engage in combat with the insane inhabitants of the deserted ice lands. Regarding transportation and occupants, you may always learn more about all the mechanics at work among the ice blocks and snow mountains in the garage. You can also look into your characters here; to do so, you'll need gaming currency and experience. There are upgrades for nitro boosts, armor, speed, and enemy damage.