Martian Driving

Martian Driving

About game «Martian Driving»

In this game, we invite you to arrange a hunt for the Martians. It goes without saying that you will be doing this on a real rover, which moves on the surface of the red planet, neglecting the peculiarities of gravity. Its huge wheels are ready to crush anyone. But the Martians are not going to give up. Therefore, in order to defeat them, you need to be as resourceful as possible. The task is to crush as many as 100 inhabitants of Mars, and to do it as quickly as possible. This game allows our players to spend their time not only in a pleasant and fun way, but also usefully. You will acquire such useful skills as driving. In today's world there is nothing to do without this. Just imagine how cool it will be, when you get behind the wheel of the real vehicle for the first time, already knowing everything about driving from the online games. Good luck with the game and a fun trip!

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