Shoot the Turtle

Shoot the Turtle

About game «Shoot the Turtle»

Are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for victory—a tiny, helpless turtle? Right? If so, you should play this game! The turtle must be launched repeatedly till it flies as far as it can. Or else you won't get bored with this toy. In any case, you will enjoy the gameplay a lot since, despite the repetitive nature of the action, you will consistently discover more than a dozen enjoyable moments.

The turtle can be launched using a supergun. The turtle should reposition itself so that it can fly as far forward as possible. She will amass a variety of benefits along the road that will serve as the foundation for beneficial upgrades for your weapon. The turtle will be able to launch itself with even more force in the future, outperforming its past performance and breaking speed and leap records. One day, the turtle will be able to ascend to the clouds, where you can expect even more rewards. The turtle will bounce off the ground a couple more times after it lands, letting you collect extra bonuses each time.