Extreme Space Airplane Attack

Extreme Space Airplane Attack

About game «Extreme Space Airplane Attack»

In Extreme Space Airplane Attack, you will fight an army of alien spacecrafts on your advanced space vehicle. Beginning on your fighter from a cruiser, you will move in the direction of them. When you get close to the range of fire, you will begin shooting at them from all possible weapons. If the sight is precise, then shells hitting opponent vehicles will take them down. In case of success you will be given bonuses. The opponent will also shoot at you. In consequence, constantly maneuver in space and take your vehicle out of the enemy's attack. Let today the dream of becoming an astronaut is no longer so popular, and there are many more opportunities, because for some money you can become an interstellar tourist, but no one wants to miss the online Space games, especially since you can play them for free. Play this game on various devices for free.

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