Tiles Hop 3D

Tiles Hop 3D

About game «Tiles Hop 3D»

Play the game name for free online on any gadget. Play the game Tiles Hop 3D while enjoying upbeat flowing tunes and sending a funky ball along the tiled path in front of record highs. This sphere will move quickly, and you must control it with your fingers or the arrow keys to ensure that it arrives on the next plate and does not miss. The acoustic accompaniment is intended to make it easier for you to get into the beat so that you don't get lost because the ball jumps nonstop till you tire of it. Use your musical intuition to lead the ball from one tile to the next while you listen to this wonderful beat and follow its addictive pattern.

The ball must be touched, held, and dragged in order to jump onto the tiles. Miss no tiles at all! Enjoy the fantastic challenges that were designed especially for each unique song, as well as the fantastic music. Play this fun game with a variety of tools and equipment. We are sure you'll have an enormous amount of fun playing the game!