Stickman Counter Terror Shooter

Stickman Counter Terror Shooter

About game «Stickman Counter Terror Shooter»

What kind of trouble did we not get into when playing for the wand-man? Remember, we tried to free the hostages, rescued the president, cleaned out bases from terrorists, rescued cities from hordes of zombies, and indeed any task seemed to be within our Stickman's strength. And what do you say if there are not one Stickmen, but several, and not even two or three, but two teams, separated by color and having good weapons. Probably this is the fighting of two groups, in other words, everything that happens cannot be called. Now imagine that you will have to control one of these heroes, it remains to arm yourself and take the side of your soldiers. The battle awaits you right in the spirit of the popular Counter Strike, therefore you can move across the entire territory of the huge base, but we just do not advise you to do it alone, it is advisable that someone cover you.

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