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Yes, there are a lot of virtual reality toys that resemble snakes and require us to develop by consuming energy elements. However, new games continue to come out, and today we present something of a synthesis of the io world and the world of Minecraft despite the fact that the story in practically every toy is the same. Can you picture what would happen if two universes were to be connected? That's correct, as it turns out, is a strange game that at times makes it seem as though everything has gone insane.

You have to grow to be the biggest and longest monster you can be. You cannot call this creature a snake. You get this creature by absorbing everything you can find, which is mainly blocks from the Minecraft universe. However, there is a second technique to overtake your rivals, and that is by attacking them. Attacking the adversary, however, is difficult because he shares your objectives. As a result, you will either obstruct his path or attempt to toss dynamite that you have collected on a huge playing field at him.