About Block Games

In online games of the block genre, a field appears in front of the player with randomly laid out blocks of different colors. The player has to remove all the blocks from the field, getting as many points as possible for this. You can remove clusters of blocks of the same color, while the player receives the more points, the more blocks he removes per turn. This is a classic variety of games of this genre, but there are also modifications with interesting innovations that allow you to get involved in them for a long time. It is here that we have collected for you the best and most popular block games that can really stir up your brain. With the help of all these logic games, you will spend your free time in a fun and exciting way, forgetting about the annoying house robot! Blocks are the kind of games that will make your brain boil as you search for suitable solutions to various puzzles because here are the most popular block games that you should play!

Ready To Master Block Games?

In this section, you will definitely find something to do, because you can break blocks, build and destroy, and do many more interesting things only in our section with block games! Most of the gameplay in the games of the Blocks section is somewhat similar to the Tetris games, in which there are the same figures from the blocks, only they do not fall, but are offered to the player under the bottom panel of the game to choose from. We wish you to win in all the games in the Blocks section and have fun! Each toy has its own rules, but it's easy to figure them out. Sometimes you need to shoot down groups of the same color by directing a ball towards them, which bounces off a moving platform. Hitting the target destroys them. Another time you will have to drag objects to build a chain of them, and then they will also disappear. An interesting puzzle game involves dragging blocks inside a closed square to bring them out through a single opening.