Cool Snakes

Cool Snakes

About game «Cool Snakes»

Yes, you may now control this snake composed of three-dimensional individuals in the brand-new multiplayer action game Cool Snakes. The first tiny man is equipped and dangerous; he resembles the head of a snake and suggests that he can bite the adversary, but you'll want to see it all for yourself. We can only conclude that the io game did not let us down this time either; everything is up to par, and the entertainment has proven to be both entertaining and thrilling.

The objective of every snake game is to grow the biggest, most enormous snake you can, and the only way to do so is by eating everything you come across. However, choose a skin for your anaconda and give it a name before starting your mission. How do you surpass everyone else in growth? Eating everything on the field, including the cutely fluttering butterflies, but the best meat to get is from the enemy, which you can get if you're careful—or you'll become supper. Just what can a snake do? You can travel in any position and use acceleration to go after the snakes of other players.