Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy

About game «Super Onion Boy»

Super Bow Boy is a fun platformer application, your task is to save the princess from the scary creature that kidnapped her and placed in a magic bubble, kill all zombies on your path and avoid barriers until you get to the main boss and save the princess! Princess Onion was abducted by a huge orange carrot zombies and imprisoned in a tower. The faithful knight of the onion kingdom went in search of a beauty to free the girl and return her inconsolable father. Help the hero in Super Onion Boy. He will have to fight off hordes of warlike carrots, and there will be a meeting with the boss ahead. Collect super powers: invulnerability, super jump and firepower. With their help, you will surely defeat all enemies and save the prisoner from captivity. Collect coins, don't miss them, check gold blocks by hitting them with your head.

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