Police Stunt Car

Police Stunt Car

About game «Police Stunt Car»

And you are aware that, without a competitive selection process, practically anyone may become a police officer. Future police officers must pass tests not only for general education and physical fitness but also for health-related reasons. And those who passed all of the entrance exams for the police academy will now have to put in a lot of effort in accordance with a unique program, which is primarily focused on handling various types of weapons, physical training once more, theory, and the mandatory capacity to operate a vehicle in hazardous driving conditions. The last item on our list is frequently essential for police officers to carry out their jobs, in theory at least. And in fact, there are such obedient servants of the order, who can maneuver their cars as well as stunt driver.

You are looking forward to nitrous oxide, leaps, ramps, and quick twists. The final steps are to go behind the wheel, select one of the several common camera angles, and attend training. Have fun!