Pokemon Pikachu Escape

Pokemon Pikachu Escape

About game «Pokemon Pikachu Escape»

You've probably heard of Pokemon more than once, maybe even watched an animated movie about it, and sympathized more than once with different heroes who, like Pokemon, went into perilous situations. But let's stick to the game, where you will encounter one of the most formidable members of the Pokemon species.

Pikachu is a little Pokemon with a positive outlook. He always travels to exciting locations and is the driving force behind the business. He does not, however, appear to be himself today. And not in vain either because there was a problem. Pikachu and the other Pokemon can't leave the house because the attackers trapped them inside. We must help out our small companions because of this. This game is modeled around the "find a way out of a closed room" genre. You will initially visit the residence where Pikachu is imprisoned and make every effort to set our hero free. Utilize all the available tools that you come across. Occasionally the most unlikely choice offers the answer to a challenging puzzle. You must thus attempt everything that comes to mind.