Unikitty Save the Kingdom

Unikitty Save the Kingdom

About game «Unikitty Save the Kingdom»

We offer you to play a bright and cute game Unikitty Save the Kingdom. Today, Unnkitty needs your help, as her kingdom has been brutally attacked by the angry army of a neighboring country. To resist the attack, we must help the army of the small kingdom. Unkitty itself has a responsible mission. She has to make her way to the magical valley to find the necessary artifact there. This item will help her army defeat the enemy very quickly. But the way there will be very difficult, because there will always be dangerous enemies and traps set by them. You will accompany the heroine, helping her to defeat enemies along the way and easily overcome all obstacles. Do not forget to pick up various useful items along the way. Then they will help you strengthen the army. Use different devices to play the game anytime, anywhere.

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