Mr Bullet 2

Mr Bullet 2

About game «Mr Bullet 2»

You must eliminate adversaries by carefully targeting and pressing the trigger in the original puzzle shooter Mr Bullet 2 online. Making the bullets bounce off of walls and other obstacles is occasionally the only way to complete a level. Are you prepared for one of the hardest and most amazing video game shootings you've ever experienced?

Aim at the bad guy, click your mouse, and then shot. To advance to the next level, kill everyone. It appears that everything is quite straightforward. However, it was missing. You'll need creativity in addition to accuracy. After all, you can't always shoot the enemy directly to death. Sometimes you'll need to fire a bullet into a certain target in order to kill the bad guy. You will undoubtedly perfect your shooting skills and become a cool shooter in this game. You'll discover how to hit any target at a variety of ranges. Yes, hardly everyone can claim to have such a talent. Your goal is to use the fewest possible rounds to kill every offender.